The EDBV8 is designed to achieve top machining performance with an ideal combination of speed, accuracy, and metallurgical quality

The EDBV8 (Electrical Discharge Blade and Vane) machine expands on the X/Y/Z stroke capacities of the smaller EDBV3, and has been designed with a focus on EDM Drilling of turbine engine components.

Reliability and consistent quality are an essential performance attribute to production EDM Drilling of blade and vane details found in power generation and aerospace applications, and the EDBV8 contains many unique technologies that minimize process variations. 

All machining is performed fully submerged, which facilitates faster and more stable machining, and eliminates the need for traditional manual setup of cumbersome splash guards while preventing shop safety slip hazards caused by water over-spray. 

Optimal machining speeds are achieved when drilling cooling film holes and diffusors while preventing internal back-striking, as the EDBV8 has the capability to detect electrode break-thru within 1 second or 0.040” (1.0mm) of depth with its advanced break-thru detection system.

Makino EDBV8 Vonkboormachine van Makino

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