EDM machine with the accuracy and surface finish capability for small electronics and micromachining applications

The EDAC1 sinker EDM machine is built to deliver the highest level of accuracy and surface finish capability with its refined power generator control and exacting construction. The mechanical alignment tolerances of each axis is 2 microns or smaller over the full stroke, and the machine is capable of producing positional tolerances of ±1 micron, making the EDAC1 purpose-built for a lifetime of repeatable ultra precision. The EDAC1 features a stationary worktable design with a three-sided rise-and-fall work tank that provides excellent access for part setup and process monitoring.
The EDAC1 is capable of achieving a smallest inside corner radius of 5 microns, and can produce surface finishes down to 0.25µmRz. The machine’s optional Mi C-axis provides positioning index accuracy of ±2 arc seconds, and the core-cooled ball screw Z-axis stabilizer enables continuous high-speed jump motions with ±1 micron depth control capability. These combined capabilities make the EDAC1 the ideal machine for small electronics and micromachining applications.

Makino EDAC1 Zinkvonkmachine van Makino

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