The EDAF3-Fine Hole achieves outstanding operational versatility

The EDAF3-Fine Hole machine achieves the same level of high performance as the EDAF2-Fine Hole, but offers larger X/Y/Z Strokes and a larger work tank to accommodate bigger size parts.

By combining both standard 4-Axis CNC Sinker EDM capabilities with high precision EDM hole Drilling on a single machine, and uses a EDM di-electric oil that provides dramatic game-changing improvements to EDM Drilling accuracy, edge quality, and metallurgical characteristics. 

Multiple industries depend on the EDAF3-Fine Hole machine to produce critical high accuracy hole features in applications ranging from Die/Mould to production details found in the Automotive, Medical, and Aerospace fields.

Makino EDAF3-FH Vonkboormachine van Makino

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