The V56i vertical machining center provides high-speed machining with superb accuracy, efficient chip removal and ease of operation for long cycle time die/mold parts.

The machine is equipped with core-cooled ballscrews, support bearings and motor mounts as well as a core-cooled saddle design with Nano slideway to control machine thermal growth, providing sustained accuracy in long cycle time, complex geometry die/mold work.

The spindle features Makino’s unique, patented, core-cooling and under-race lubrication system, minimizing thermal distortion at high spindle speeds. Integrated construction of the spindle and drive motor rotor reduces vibration during high-speed operation. The V56i’s optimum axis layout and machine construction give you superior performance in a compact package. The axis layout is designed with no overhangs to ensure outstanding accuracy over the full range of axis travel. Painstakingly polished to a precision finish, the guideways are integrated with the machine to provide superior accuracy and rigidity.

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Makino V56i 3-assig Bewerkingscentrum van Makino

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